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Make sure to get in all your volunteer sign ups ASAP!!

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Volunteer Requirements

  1. ALL Torpedoes families must volunteer for 5 half meets.
  2. ALL families must sign up for and provide 1 case of soda/gatorade/water or 1 large bag of ice to one of the 3 home meets.
  3. It is a league requirement that all volunteers who have direct contact with swimmers have a background check at least every 3 years. When entering your information, please do not enter your driver’s license number. Instead, enter NEW TERRITORY TORPEDOES in the driver’s license field. Thank you for your cooperation! To do a background check go to SHRSL Background Screening.
  4. Failure to fulfill volunteer requirements or "no-showing" a job may result in your swimmer(s) being ineligible to compete in current season swim meets and/or future swim seasons.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Setup/Takedown: If this position is chosen, this is your position at ALL 5 MEETS.

  • Home Meets: Volunteers are responsible for setup and takedown of tents, tables, benches, AV equipment, etc. at the Home Meets. The set up is done the morning of the meet at 7:30am.
  • Away Meets: Arrive early at meet to set up tents. Be available to help take down tents as sun goes down.

Stroke Judge: This position involves attending one training session and only volunteering for 4 half meets, instead of 5. Two types of clinics are offered: short clinic (30 min refresher for those who have taken a long clinic in the past and have not missed a yearly refresher since) and long clinic (1.5 hours for those who are first time stroke judges or if you have skipped a refresher course since your last long clinic). It is a great way to have a poolside view of the swimmers and learn more about the league’s swimming rules!

Awards: Volunteers will organize and distribute ribbons after each race. Home meets only.

Runner: Volunteers will take time sheets from timers and deliver to score table or awards area. Home meets only.

Age Group Marshal: Volunteers are responsible for checking in all swimmers in age group, writing swimmers’ events, heats, lanes on their arms, supervise age group during meet, organize swimmers for events and escort swimmers to ready bench before each event.

Scorekeeper: Volunteers will tabulate points for each team after each event and
Work with scorekeepers from the other team.

Timer: Volunteers will stand in each lane of the pool and use a stop watch to time the swimmers. You could also be required to record swimmer times on the time sheet.

Announcer: Makes announcements over the microphone throughout the meet, including announcing the races as well as sponsors. Home meets only.

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Thank you to our 2020 Family Sponsors!!

Bernard Family

Bourgeois Family

Callahan Family

Dowd Family

Loux Family

Pao Family

Parker Family

Zou Family

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2019 SHRSL Division 3

New Territory Torpedoes

Ashton Village Vikings   Commonwealth Piranhas

Sugar Creek Gators     Sienna Stingrays

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