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    Q:  How much is registration?  

    A:  Registration is $140 per swimmer.  If you do not live in New Territory, there is an additional $25 fee per swimmer to cover additional facilities costs.  There is a $5 credit if you opt out of an end of the season medal.

    Q: When are the meets?

    A: TBD Due to safety considerations. We are planning for 5 regular season virtual meets on Tuesday evenings in June and July. Meet of Champions and All Stars are TBD. We will update you when we know more.

    Q: What do I do if I am unable to volunteer for the meets?

    A:  We will be providing a list of high school/college students who will be available to work shifts for payment.  As the parent volunteer, you are solely responsible for the payment and attendance of said students. 

    Q: What happens when it rains?   

    A: If it’s just raining, we swim. If it’s thundering or lightning, we stay out of the pool until after it stops. We post updates on Facebook/Twitter when possible. If your older swimmer bikes or walks to practice, please be sure that you have a plan for a prompt and safe way home if practice is canceled due to lightning.

    Q: Am I eligible to swim?    

    A:  Swimmer Eligibility & Meet Participation: 

    The SHRSL Season is defined as March 31 of current season through the Post Season All Star Meet. 

    a. A swimmer’s age on May 31st of the current year shall determine the age group for competitions (swimmers age 3-18 are allowed to swim with Torpedoes). 

    b. A swimmer may not change their team affiliation after May 15; after which, a swimmer shall practice and compete with only one SHRSL swim team per season. 

    c. A swimmer participating in any NCAA Swimming program (practice OR competition) is ineligible for SHRSL participation. 

    d. A swimmer may not participate nor compete in a non-SHRSL practice(s) or competition after March 31. (*See Considerations below)   

    Considerations for non-SHRSL swim participation after March 31: 

    a. Allowed is participation for school related, academic grade in an Olympic Development program, such middle school or high school swimming programs, may continue to practice through the end of the academic year, 

    b. No training or participation in competition or sanctioned meets including UIL, USA Swimming, CCAA or any other swimming competition is allowed. 

    c. Allowed are seven (7) days of clinic/camp instruction.

    Q: Is there a skill requirement?  

    A: Swimmers must meet the following requirements:

    1) Child must be FULLY POTTY TRAINED;

    2) Child must not be afraid to enter the water;

    3) Child must be able to follow directions; and

    4) Child must be able to swim to flags by the 2-week mark.

    If it is determined that your swimmer will not be able to meet these requirements within 2 weeks of practice (by May 7th), your registration fee will be partially refunded (minus a $15 fee) via check.

    If it is determined that your swimmer will be unable to swim the length of the pool (25 meters) by May 31 (as determined by the head coach), your swimmer will be ineligible to compete in swim meets. Your swimmer will be able to practice with the team, but will not swim competitively. No refunds will be issued if this determination is made.

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    2021 SHRSL Division 

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