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Q:  How much is the 2023 registration?  

A: Registration is $140 per swimmer. If you do not live in New Territory, there is an additional $25 fee per swimmer to cover additional facilities costs.
($5 Credit if you opt out of an end of the season medal.). The Torpedoes has a Capital Fund Contribution of $25 per family for 2023 to help defray the cost of new equipment.

There will be NO refunds after Friday, May 5, 2023. 

Q: When are the meets?


  • Saturday, June 4th, 2022 8am @ Home against Green Trails
  • Saturday, June 11th, 2022 8am @ Home against Cinco Ranch SW
  • Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 6pm @ Seven Lakes High School vs Seven Meadows
  • Monday, June 20th, 2022 6pm @ Grand Lakes

Q: What do I do if I am unable to volunteer for the meets?

A:  We will be providing a list of high school/college students who will be available to work shifts for payment.  As the parent volunteer, you are solely responsible for the payment and attendance of said students. 

Q: What happens when it rains?   

A: If it’s just raining, we swim. If it’s thundering or lightning, we stay out of the pool until after it stops. We post updates on Facebook/Twitter when possible. If your older swimmer bikes or walks to practice, please be sure that you have a plan for a prompt and safe way home if the practice is canceled due to lightning.

Q: Am I eligible to swim?    

A:  Swimmer Eligibility & Meet Participation: 

A swimmer must be four (4) years old and may be no older than eighteen (18) by May 1st of the current swim year to be eligible to compete.

Q: Is there a skill requirement?  

A: Yes, we are a competitive team and all swimmers must meet the following requirements:

1) Child must be FULLY POTTY TRAINED;

2) Child must not be afraid to enter the water;

3) Child must be able to follow directions; and

4) Child must be able to swim across the 25 yd pool.

If it is determined that your swimmer will not be able to meet these requirements within 1 week of practice (by May 5th), your registration fee will be partially refunded (minus a $75 fee) via check.

If it is determined that your swimmer cannot swim the length of the pool (25 meters) by May 5 (as determined by the head coach), your swimmer will be ineligible to compete in swim meets. Your swimmer will be able to practice with the team, but will not swim competitively. No refunds will be issued if this determination is made.

Q: How do I get ready for a swim meet?  

    Meet Tips:

    • Label EVERYTHING – suits and t-shirts are the same, and goggles and clothes are flying around and being trampled. Bring an extra towel and change of clothes. The kids get in and out of the pool a lot and things seem to get left on the wet ground.
    • Bring your own chairs. There will not be enough seating for everyone.
    • Swim meets last for hours and the kids (and parents!) get hungry. Concessions with are available, so bring cash. Many parents also opt to bring a small cooler.
    • DO NOT park on New Territory Blvd or on the lake side of Walker School Rd. You WILL be towed.
    • Mark your swimmer with their swimmer number with a black sharpie (right hand and right shoulder blade) before they come and before applying sunscreen (sunscreen is oily and the marker won’t write over it). Swimmer numbers can be found on the website.
    • Age Group Marshals are there to help! They will check in the swimmers, get them marked with their events, get them lined up and in the proper lanes, and make sure the kids stay in their designated tent area. However, Age Group Marshals are NOT babysitters. If you are not working a volunteer shift that is stationary to one spot, you should be keeping an eye on your kids. Tablets and small games/activities are helpful.
    • Have fun! First meets can be overwhelming and intimidating. Remember: we are here to have FUN. Meets are a celebration and test of each swimmer’s individual progress. Please keep your feedback positive and in perspective! What they have accomplished already is amazing – I’ve seen fears conquered and some real dedication to daily practice.
  • Other Info:
  • Check out the Torpedoes Shop!! We have some amazing gear to show your support for your favorite swim team, including purple baseball caps and visors with the Torpedoes logo, drawstring bags, high-performance t-shirts, hand fans, event lanyards, yard signs, swim caps, and more. You can order online using a credit card or arrange to purchase with cash or check.

    At practice, if you move chairs or tables at the pool for shade or comfort, please make sure to put things back where you found them. We always have to leave the pool decks the way we found them.

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2022 WHALe Division 3

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