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Code of Conduct


Swimming on the New Territory Torpedoes Swim Team can be great fun for

everybody. However, we must remember that with so many swimmers and only a 

few supervising adults and coaches, everyone must cooperate. This CODE OF

CONDUCT exists to maintain order and above all, safety, at all practices and swim

meets. Swimmers and their parents should review the code together and discuss its

points to ensure that each swimmer is aware of his/her responsibilities - and the

consequences of not following any point of the code (see #10 below).

1. Swimmers are to be respectful and obedient to those in authority. This includes

coaches, marshals, and other parent helpers at the swim practices and meets.

2. Foul, abusive, or otherwise unseemly language will not be tolerated at any time.

3. All pool safety rules SHALL BE followed during and after practices.

4. Swimmers SHALL NEVER enter the pool until instructed to do so by the coaches.

5. Unruly behavior such as pushing, fighting, running, or dunking WILL NOT be


6. The swim team is for having fun; BUT when the coaches require your attention -


7. Each swimmer/parent will be financially responsible for damages to any pool or

swim team equipment at the practice or meet facilities.

8. Please do not walk on top of the walls at the Club pool. We have had injuries due

to children balancing and walking along the narrow edge of the wall.

9. During swim meets and practices, all participants and spectators are forbidden to

go within two feet of the “baby pool”.

10. Swimmers not able to follow the CODE will be disciplined. Disciplinary action 

shall be at the discretion of the coaches or the swim team board, and may include

suspension from practices, meets, or if necessary from the team for the remainder 

of the season - without any refund of fees.

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2024 Southwest Houston 

Recreational Swim League Team (SHRSL)

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