Meet 1 tomorrow at the Club - Pls read ALL

Hi Torpedoes Families!  Can I ask a huge favor to please read this entire email?  I try to keep them short but honestly, I am getting so many questions of things I cover in these emails.  I appreciate your understanding!  

Just in case you missed this from the last email.  


We are still missing a lot of our Drinks needed for the meet.  Every family will need to bring 1-2 items before this Home Meet or the next . Please sign up and bring it on Tuesday morning to practice: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b4aa9af2fa7f58-drinkice1#/

Regular practice tomorrow at the Club.  No practice on Wed and back at Ellis Creek on Thursday.

Meet 1 - Home Meet vs Kelliwood

Tuesday, May 30th at the Club. 

Setup Arrival - 4:00PM
Swimmer and Volunteer Arrival - 4:30PM
Swimmer warm-up - 5:00PM
Meet Starts - 6PM (please do not think there is a lot of time and you can be late. The swimmers warm up and Age marshalls have to make sure swimmers are all present)

1) Swim entries will are available on your app and online. Keith Parker emailed out via Swimtopia.

2) Make sure you are Meet Ready!

Here are a few meet survival tips to help you come prepared:

  • Label EVERYTHING – suits and t-shirts are the same, and goggles and clothes are flying around and being trampled.Bring your own chairs for you and your swimmer. There will not be enough seating for everyone. Academy has the $5.99 chairs that are great, but be sure to label your chair and chair bag. 
  • Spectators ARE permitted around the pool deck. Friends/family anyone is welcome!  Please do not move any pool furniture or umbrellas. 
  • Swim meets last at least four hours and the kids (and parents) get hungry. Concessions are available, so bring cash or Zelle. Many parents also opt to bring a small cooler with drinks and food. Our Torpedoes Treats will have Chick-fil-a Sandwiches and Nuggets for $6, drinks and all the candy junk the kids want, while supplies last. Cash and Zelle only! 
  • Mark your swimmer with black sharpie. Either get sunscreen and bug spray on first thing in the morning or apply the sharpie before and let dry before applying sunscreen. See Keith Parker's email with the heat sheets and marking instructions.
  • Age Marshalls are there to help! They will check in the swimmers, get them marked with their events, get them lined up and in the proper lanes, and make sure the kids stay in their designated tent area. However, Age Marshalls are NOT babysitters. If you are not working a volunteer shift that is stationary to one spot, you should be keeping an eye on your kids.
  • Have fun! First meets can be overwhelming and intimidating. Remember: we are here to have FUN. Meets are a celebration and test of each swimmer’s individual progress. Please keep your feedback positive and in perspective!Please have grace for the volunteers. We are still pretty new league to this league and system, and we have new Board Members, so remember, we are all trying our best.
  • MEET THEME - Luau!!!  Bring decorations for your tent or wear colorful lei's or glasses!  Make it fun!
  • If your child wakes up sick or is sick today/tomorrow/Sat and will not be able to attend the meet, please email Coach Megan at [email protected]. If you cannot volunteer due to you being sick, please email Beth Lee ([email protected]) and let her know. But PLEASE, PLEASE make every effort to be there if you are well. Our meet cannot run without volunteers.

What they have accomplished already is amazing – I’ve seen fears conquered and determination to get better every day at practice!

See you soon Torpedoes!

832-367-0733 for emergencies 

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