Thank YOU!

    Good afternoon Torpedoes,

    Now that the season is winding down, I just wanted to take a moment to send out some words of gratitude to the folks who make our swim team happen each year.  It is especially important this year, as we've put ourselves back together from the pandemic and struggled to find our new "norm" in a rapidly changing environment.

    So, first and foremost, thanks goes out to our coaches, especially Head Coach, Kathleen Murch.  She has lead the team for many years, through big teams and small and has rolled with the punches on every rain delay, last minute entry, and late night / early morning pool time.  We are eternally grateful for the years she has dedicated with Summer Swimming. We hope she continues to put up with us.

    Next up is our Assistant Coach, Josh Loux.  Josh was a LITTLE Torpedo once if you can believe it and volunteer coached as a high school student with us before becoming our Assistant Coach in 2020.  He returned from University this year to help us out and we're so pleased to have him back with us another season.  We also have a second returning college freshman Coach who has been a little Torpedo - Harrison Pao.  Harrison was able to return to us for one more season as a swimmer and has also stepped up to coach for another year.

    Then we have our high school coaches.  These kids are my favorite because they donate so much of their time and energy to their younger Torpedoes because they love the sport and want to help.  They give up summer jobs, friends, camps, and any number of other "teenager" things to be there for your swimmers day in and out.  They develop a special bond with the littles they coach and instill in them the desire to swim fast and one day coach the next littles!  Thank you so much to our multi-year coaches - Grayson Singleton, Dalton Peterson, Macy Rodgers, and Kate Bourgeois.  We also welcome and thank our first year Coaches Presley Rodgers, Michelle Karaali, Teresa So, and Emma Dowd.  

    At the Swim Party tomorrow, we will have baskets set up for each of these Coaches.  They would LOVE your handmade thanks and a few words of appreciation for their efforts this year. Come by and drop them a quick note to put in their memory boxes for the season.

    Next up is our Board of Directors - these ladies are dedicated and steadfast and all of them go above and beyond their roles to make sure the team has everything it needs.

    Karen Dowd - Vice President & Registration

    Krystle McIntyre - Sponsorship

    Erin Bibb - Data

    Jennifer Pao - Merchandise 

    Robin Callahan - Secretary (our HEAT SHEET lady!)

    Jeannea Rodgers - Volunteer Coordinator

    Maggie Singleton - Events & Concessions (Team Parties to Drink Donations!) 

    Betty Ma - Treasurer

    We will have board seats available for the next season. Please send us a message if you're interested in a leadership position.  We know many of you we'd love to have on our team.  

    Finally, all of YOU.  The Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Boyfriends/Girlfriends, Husbands, Children, Siblings, Friends that pitch in and help out is incredible.  We are so blessed to have a team that we don't have to beg for help from - you see a need and ask if you can take it on.  Many many of you were so new this year and you dove in head first.  Pat yourselves on the back.  Well done!

    The board always awards a Volunteer of the Year to recognize one or more people that have really gone above and beyond. This year we'd like to recognize Andy Sharp and his family.  He has provided DJ services to us at parties many times, is always quick to help us with our sound equipment set up and tear down and this year took a stab at the starter position, which is a big commitment for the team.  We appreciate everything you did Andy - and you're on the hook for many more years of starting. :P

    THANK YOU TORPEDOES! You're the Best Swim Team Ever!


    Kelly Force
    Torpedoes Prez

    PS - If you haven't declared for MOC or ALL-STARS, Do it NOW. Please also grab a volunteer position if you're able. :P

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