Meet 1 - Tomorrow

    Good evening Torpedoes Families -

    LAST email before Meet 1 tomorrow!  

    A couple of last minute reminders / FAQ things:

    1. There IS practice tomorrow at the normal time.

    2. Swimmer Numbers and Event Entries are posted under the Meet 1 Event in the "Swim Meets and Events" Tab.

    3. Please arrive no later than 3:45.  Have your swimmer ready to warm up at 4pm.  They will check in with their age marshals at their tent.  Tents will be marked with age group and girl / boy.

    4. Parking - The circle drive at Ellis will be CLOSED to drive through to protect the kids as they walk from tents to the pool.  The parking lot there is small.  We have permission to use the lots at Walker Station Elementary across the street, so please plan to park there and walk.  We prefer that you don't park on Homeward Way.

    5. Make sure you bring your own chairs and a cooler if you'd like drinks/food. There is a concession stand, so have cash for that.  It will have chips / candy / drinks and limited ChikFilA.

    6. Be Patient with us!  We haven't run a full meet since 2019 and we have never done one at Ellis Creek.  Many of you are brand new to swim team and will be learning the volunteer roles.  This meet may take a bit longer and we may have some hiccups.  The important thing is that our swimmers get to swim their events and have some fun! The rest we will figure out. :)

    7. Positive Feedback for the kids!  This should be a fun experience for all the kids.  What we are really looking for is to use these as a way to measure individual improvement over the season and to have some fun showing off what they have learned.  We are so proud of all of you!

    8. If possible, please "mark" your swimmer at home with a black sharpie, PRIOR to applying sunscreen.  You will write their swimmer number on the top of their hand and on their right shoulder - this is how the timers ID them after they swim so they don't have to ask every swimmer their name.  It is also helpful to mark their events on their arms by "Event", "Heat", and "Lane".  This assists the coaches and marshals in lining the kids up for their races.  You'll find all that info in the heat sheets that are posted.

    It should look something like this:

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    2021 SHRSL Division 

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