Swim Meet Ready!

    Good Evening Torpedoes Families!

    The first swim meet is almost here. Tuesday June 8th is GO TIME.

    Step 1 for families each week during the season is to declare your swimmer. This lets our coaches know whether or not your swimmer will be attending the meet and whether they should be entered in relays. The MUST be done by Noon each Friday to allow Coach time to do the meet entries for everyone. Events are posted by name and by event on the website. Go to "Schedules: Swim Meets and Events" and look next to “Meet 1” for a Meet Entry button (next to the button you used to do volunteer sign ups).

    A copy of the meet entries will be posted online before the meet, under the event on the schedule.

    Step 2 is to make sure you are Meet Ready!

    Here are a few meet survival tips to help you come prepared:

    • Label EVERYTHING – suits and t-shirts are the same, and goggles and clothes are flying around and being trampled.
    • Bring your own chairs. There will not be enough seating for everyone. Please plan to sit OUTSIDE the pool area unless your swimmer is in the pool swimming.
    • Spectators ARE permitted – YAY!!! Please be considerate and come inside the pool gate only when your swimmer is swimming or if you are volunteering. This will help make sure everyone stays more spaced and has a chance to get a good viewing spot.
    • Swim meets last for hours and the kids (and parents) get hungry. Concessions are available, so bring cash. Many parents also opt to bring a small cooler with drinks and food.
    • Mark your swimmer with their swimmer number with a black sharpie on their upper right shoulder and on the top of one hand before they come and before applying sunscreen (sunscreen is oily and the marker won’t write over it). Swimmer numbers can be found on the website and will be emailed out prior to the meet – these stay the same throughout the season.
    • Age Marshalls are there to help! They will check in the swimmers, get them marked with their events, get them lined up and in the proper lanes, and make sure the kids stay in their designated tent area. However, Age Marshalls are NOT babysitters. If you are not working a volunteer shift that is stationary to one spot, you should be keeping an eye on your kids.
    • Have fun! First meets can be overwhelming and intimidating. Remember: we are here to have FUN. Meets are a celebration and test of each swimmer’s individual progress. Please keep your feedback positive and in perspective!

    What they have accomplished already is amazing – I’ve seen fears conquered and determination to get better every day at practice!

    See you there Torpedoes!

    P.S. The LAST stroke clinic is this Saturday morning at the Club. Even if you’re not stroke judging, feel free to come by for a donut and coffee and listen in to how our teams judge each stroke and whether to disqualify a relay or individual.

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