Meet 1 Information

    Hey Torpedoes Families!

    Another Big email lies ahead so grab a drink and a snack and hang tight! 😊

    MEET 1 is scheduled for THIS Monday June 15th starting at 7:30am. The meet schedule is attached for your reference.

    General Notes:

    • If you have not declared your swimmers, please go to the "Events" page of the website and do so no later than TOMORROW. We need this to get all the event entries done.  Those will be emailed out each Sunday.
    • The association is permitting ONE parent per swimmer to spectate during the events your child is swimming. No siblings are allowed inside the gate. If you want to go inside the gate and have not yet turned in a waiver, you will need to do this to enter the facility. Waivers are attached.
    • If your swimmer is done swimming or waiting to swim and you are not volunteering, you will not be permitted inside the facility or to congregate outside the gate area. Please stay in your car until the designated start time(s) or take advantage of the large grassy area behind the pool to wait.
    • One entry / exit rules apply. Please enter ONLY through the gate nearest the restrooms and exit ONLY at the gate near the club entrance.
    • Parents who are spectating will be on one side of the pool, while the swimmers and coaches are on the other side of the pool. Social distancing rules apply.
    • No use of the pool furniture will be permitted. If you require a chair, please bring your own camp/folding chair.
    • Please please minimize restroom use. We have monitors but its best if we don’t need to worry about sanitizing a lot.
    • Download the Swimtopia App.  Meet day updates are sent as alerts through the app.

    Volunteer Notes:

    • If you are signed up to volunteer at the meet, please arrive at the pool no later than 7:15am. You will check in at the volunteer coordinator table and they will direct you where to go.
    • Marshals MUST have a current background check. If you aren’t sure if yours is still good, go ahead and update it HERE.
    • Timers/Scribes and stroke judges please wear a hat and shoes you don’t mind getting wet. Its sunny and the big kids will splash you.
    • Stroke judges please where a white shirt and khaki shorts / pants.
    • Weekly tent volunteers still need to set up tents. Other weekly volunteers should check in at the volunteer table in case you are needed.

    Swimmer Notes:

    • Swimmer numbers should be marked BEFORE you arrive at the pool. Pro-Tip – use a black sharpie and PRE sunscreen so it will stick. Swimmer numbers should be written on the top of the right hand and right shoulder. Swimmers numbers will be emailed with the entries file, posted on the website or may be found by viewing your swimmers in your account or on the app.
    • LABEL everything. Even though this is not a big hoopla, kids leave things behind.
    • Bring Water AND an Electrolyte like Gatorade. You need both.
    • Come IN your suit ready to swim. No changing. Leave the shorts and t-shirts in the car. Just bring your towel, goggles, and hydration.
    • Arrive at the gate about 10 minutes before your scheduled warm up time. Marshals will escort you to the warm up area where coaches will assist you.
    • We will swim all 6 lanes but 3 will take off from one side and 3 will take off from the other.  This is to allow for social distancing.
    • There will be NO ribbons at the meet.  We will award swimmers for improved times and also name "swimmers of the week" - lots to motivate us here!

    Please please be patient and willing to adapt.  This is a totally NEW experience for all of us and we aren't yet sure how this will all pan out. As Daniel Tiger says - take a deep breath, and count to 4. :P

    Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns as I'm sure I've forgotten something.  I'm also available by phone or text at 304-834-4020.

    See you all tomorrow for Fun Friday Popsicles!


    Kelly Force
    Torpedoes Prez

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