Lane Assignments & Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

    Good afternoon Torpedoes,

    Please find Group & Lane Assignments attached for 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 age groups.  The 6U group will be sent after the evaluations on Monday. These will be the lane assignments for the entire season.  We did our very best to take into account ALL group requests. If I have missed your request or something has changed, please reach out to me ASAP - via email to [email protected] or text 304-834-4020.  There is still some wiggle room in the age groups.

    Remember - you MUST have your waivers with you or previously sent via email to swim at evaluations or practice.

    Finally, we have a NEW drop off and pick up procedure to help us follow the rules given by the HOA that we must do car drop off and pick up only.  This will be difficult for the little ones so we are implementing the following rules to assist us:

    1. Drop off will occur at the Walker School Entrance ONLY.  Walkers will be available for the 6U and 7/8 age groups to escort swimmers from the traffic circle to the gate.

    2. Pick up will occur at the New Territory Blvd Entrance ONLY. Walkers will be available for the 6U and 7/8 age groups to escort swimmers from the gate to the traffic circle at that entrance.

    The below image illustrates the appropriate areas for drop off / pick up.

    Please make sure you are at the appropriate drop off and pick up location to ensure your swimmers find your vehicle.  The walkers will help our youngest swimmers.  If you are able to make a simple sign with your swimmer's name, we will be able to more quickly match the swimmer with the right vehicle. We appreciate your help.

    Older age groups are still expected to follow the drop off / pick up procedures but are able to walk to their own respective vehicles / bikes.

    Drop off will begin officially 10 minutes before practice and you should be waiting for pick up NO LATER than your practice end time.  This ensures our volunteers are spending no more time than is necessary helping the kids to get where they need to go.

    See you all very very soon!

    Go Torpedoes!

    Kelly Force
    Torpedoes Prez

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